Murdock North Shore Update #3

Well folks, not much has changed since Statom’s departure! Strong NE winds continue to dominate the weather pattern with no NW swell in the water to speak of. Although the strong trade winds and wind swell is quite annoying, the waves are still in abundance at the right spots! I’ve had a couple sick sessions at Log Cabins with no more than two or three guys out. I’ll give you a little break down of the action!

The first day I surfed out there was a solid 6-8 foot with an occasional wash through set. I had to paddle out at Keiki pretty much because the paddle was next level! I only scrapped two waves; the first was cat shit but the second one was a drainer. It barreled so hard almost like a little Pipe bowl! My buddy Tyler had his video camera and was able to get the wave. Once we get a firewire I’ll post some frames of it! I heard from one of my friends that GT made an appearance after I went in. Tamega’s all about big sketchy waves, he lives for that shit!

Day two was a bit smaller but much cleaner, 4-6 foot draining with three guys out. Right as I walked up the trail I saw no other than GT pull into a nugget! I surfed for a few hours and was able to scrap a handful of fun waves! Anna was posted up on the beach providing the photo support, so check out a couple of her top notch pics that I posted below!

As The NE winds and NNE swell continue to dominate the swell and wind pattern, relief is lurking on the horizon! Caldwell’s claiming a solid 6-8 foot swell for the beginning of this week. Statom was able to accumulate a grip of footy as well as pics during his two-week campaign on the Rock that will be leaking their way through the site over the next few months so stay tuned for the action.

A couple last words: congrats to Hardy for the W. I think out of any Australian who hasn’t won Pipe, he was the most worthy! Go Hardballs! Word on the street is that Kellen has invested some serious cash on a super high tech next level guru style video camera! We plan on spending a few months in Mainland this summer so expect some weirdness to unfold! That’s a wrap folks, much more to come!!!!


Murdock North Shore Update #2

Howz it!!!! A lot of action is going down on the North Shore! A nice NW just finished its pulse the other day sending solid ten footers to standout spots like Pipe and Sunset. I only surfed Pipe once during the swell due to a random surfing contest on the first day and a head aching crowd on the second day of solid waves. I saw some serious busting going down by the usual rippers. Standouts included Player, Hubb, Skipp, and Pierre “kids Nutzah”! I saw a couple of Aussie up and comers hit some disturbing Backdoor ramps as well. Sometimes for me when Pipe is that annoying size, I get more enjoyment out of watching rather than surfing. The only reason I say it’s annoying is because of the crowd that forms when it’s eight feet! If you’re only here for a month and flew half way around the world I’d definitely say that it’s worth it. As much as I want to go out there and get the one, I prefer a scraper session at “bick yards” any day!

The Pipe contest waiting period opens in six days! The word on the street is that they’re going to hold the trials elsewhere because of the high volume of contestants. This would be unfortunate and could possibly make me want to pull out. It’s not that I think I’m too good to do the trials, it’s the fact that it’s almost 250 buckas this year! Pay all that cash to surf six rounds in some shitty ass waves just to get to Pipe Fuck Dat! The last few years they said the trials might be somewhere else and they ended up at Pipe so let’s hope that’s the case! Although the holding period is still far away, the long term forecast isn’t looking too impressive but things can change so fast over here!

Roldy made his way back to Cali a few days ago. He actually made some cash for filming Andre and the rest of the 662 crew for the three weeks he was in Hawaii. It was sick having someone film during every session! Although Roldy has departed, Statom’s arrival is less than a week away! Get ready for some heavy North Shore coverage of the contest and anything else that goes down! I’m working on a couple interviews as well that will be too legit to quit!! Last but not least some pics to keep the froth alive. Fuck almost forgot I went and saw the Fire premiere in town a few weeks ago! Talk about too legit to quit!!!!!! That’s all I can say shit is sooooo sick and sooooo stoney! I’ll throw some pics up of that night!

Murdock North Shore Update #1

We’re back in action ladies and gents! Please excuse the extreme lagging that’s been going on and let me assure you that the updates will be coming in mass quantities from now on! Fuck! Where do I start? 2009 is underway along with another season on the Rock! Even though the weather has been kind of weird this season, the waves have been much more consistent than the prior season. The end of October and all of November were sick! Good mid-size swells with decent conditions and minor crowds. Once December rolled around the weather started getting weird. There was a day in the second week of December that rained 13 inches! Although the weather was a bit out of control there were still waves to be had once the poop water cleaned up a bit. There was a day in between the Sunset and Pipe Triple Crown waiting period that was pretty all-time! Solid second reef pipe with a half dozen guys out. Timmy Hamilton, Murphy, Skipp, and Nelz were all on it scoring sick barrels with nobody out. I got some of my better waves of the year that day at Pipe. My chick and budding photographer Anna Riedel even got a sequence of Murphy getting this wedgy mutant wave.

I’ve been lucky enough to have some Pismo filth leak its way over to the North Shore this season. Frankie Robles lurked for a few weeks scoring all time Gas Chambers and Bick Yards. (I know the spelling is wrong on Backyards but I pronounce it “BICK yards”!) Red Dog Roldy has made his way over thanks to a roundtrip plane ticket that his chick scored him for Christmas! Unfortunately due to a dk accident back home Roldy’s been out of commission since his arrival! On a good note the 662 crew has a sick camera that they’re keen on letting Roldy use! Anthony Savoji, Rusty Friesen, Alex Leon and Andre Botha are holding it down for the 662 crew! When the waves are up, Roldy and me cruise over to the 662 house, round up the crew and check waves but usually surf somewhere no matter what! It’s amping to surf with all those guys because everyone pushes each other. On top of that Roldy’s catching all the shots from the beach and when you have video support it makes you go bigger! Roldy has already got a handful of footage in the last two weeks! Andre has some frame grabs posted on his site, which you have to check out regardless! Andre is super amped on the “Spacey” video support, along with everything else! The guy has energy like a fifteen year old and will get you psyching out in the water! Savoji and Andre are quite the characters! Good people to get weird with!!!!!

With two months left of solid winter swells the action will continue along with the anticipation for the Pipeline Pro! Oh yes I can not forget to mention that Brian Wise is back on the North Shore, sober, amped on sponging and ready to make a serious comeback!!! Statom will be arriving on the 15th of February so the North Shore coverage should be an everyday thing! Keep your eyes peeled for more updates, photos and some interviews of your favorite bodyboarders.

North Shore 2007/2008


March 22nd, 2008
As we head into the end of March the decent late season that was unfolding has come to a halt. The past four or five days have been flat. This could be an indicator that Winter is over. There could be a couple little pulses next month but it’s looking like it will be pretty slow. You can actually tell that a lot of people have left the North Shore in the past two weeks which is nice to see, especially after the most crowded Winter ever had just taken place. On a sad note: A bodyboarder was killed at Pipe about a week ago. I think it was a local guy, kind of underground. I don’t know the exact details but I heard he got caught by the lip! That’s the thing about Pipe that is so gnarly, it will only be six feet and still claim your life. I’ve had a four or five footer land on me and drive me straight to the bottom, fins ripped off, leash completely stretched – I meean Fuck! Pipe constantly has a way of reminding you that it will turn your colon inside out. I’m going to do a recap write up on the 2007/2008 season. Should be up in a few days!

Mahalo, Murdock

March 8th, 2008
Yes I know I have been lagging hard on the updates! The winter season is coming to an end but the waves are still pumping. There has been clean overhead waves for the last couple of weeks with an occasional bigger swell hitting! I was lucky enough to get a visit from some Pismo scum in February. Well actually Statom is far from scum but Kellen and Roy define the word scum. Had some good times with the Pismo posse! I’m sure you heard about my little run in with Johnny Law which was minor but a major buzz kill. Thanks to Statom and caby driver Lindsey my time in jail was limited to about ten hours! I haven’t been surfing too much due to an annoying knee injury that just won’t seem to get better. I came up on a automobile – 96 Toyota Corolla so that’s a big step up for North Shore life. Thing is sick, I bought it off some old Asian dude who kept it in mint condition! I’ll try to keep the updates coming a bit more often so keep checking the site. Statom is working on a little North Shore edit that will be up shortly so keep your eyes peeled! Mahalo. “Ho Lanis.” “Bodyboarder get out of the water.”

Mahalo, Murdock

January 30th, 2008
Already a month into the new year and the North Shore continues to have a slow winter. There has been a few days but not the consistentsy that you come to expect during winter time on the North Shore. The best day of the season went down at Pipe a few weeks ago but it has been sleeping since then. Off the Wall has had a couple days of fun ramps and a few barrels but nothing to write home about. The Monster Pipe Contest is running as we speak in two foot crap so hopefully they can get that shit over with while it’s shitty! The bodyboarding contest is approaching in a few weeks and lets keep our fingers crossed that the waves will come. Other than that typical North Shore life has been in full swing. Lurking, training, and eating have consumed the waveless days with the occasional perv sesh from my porch. Oh ya congrats to my Pismo dkers who kept their belt in the Seaside Best in the West dk contest, hope all those guys recieved some ATP for their hard work! Let’s keep are fingers crossed that the Pipe contest will be bombing!

Mahalo, Murdock

January 3rd, 2008
The New Year has come and the wave shortage on the North Shore continues. People have been claiming the slowest winter in twenty years. I have surfed Pipe like six times and that has been over the last two months. Fuck, all that can be hoped for is an epic late season. The only positive thing about the lack of waves is the fact that everyone has been leaving and if the waves ever do get good the crowd should be mellow. Aside from the small waves there is not too much going on except for an exceptionally high lurk status. Oh ya, Tyler Wiemann is in town and hopefully I have a chance to pound some booze with him or surf. My roommate just got a camera the other day so hopefully on the next post there will be some photos of something! Happy New Year and hopefully everyone back home survived the New Years festivities!

Mahalo, Murdock

December 21st, 2007
The North Shore has been a bit slow for the last week. A little unusual for this time of the year to see flat surf for so long. The Pipe Masters has been running in 2-3 foot crap and the forecast is predicting more crap for the week to come. Passing time on the North Shore when it’s flat can be a hard thing to do. Shells and Bells are always an option when it’s flat but even that can get a bit old. Drinking mass amounts of Steinlager is about the only thing that doesn’t get old but can be hard on the pocket book. I received a brand new Toobs board that I’m dying to test out but there are no waves to do it with. My roommate is getting a sick camera for Christmas so hopefully I can get some pictures up to run with these updates. The only thing worthy to really talk about is Occy’s singing/dancing skills at the Lifeguard Party – pretty all time. Hopefully the next update will involve stories of Pipe barrels and some photos to back it up!

Mahalo, Murdock

December 2nd, 2007
December time is in full bloom with back to back swells pounding the North Shore! The last week in November had some consistent swell accompanied by some quality weather. I was lucky enough to get a two day visit by long time DK charger Willie Richerson. I guess he hooked up a job at the airport so he can score tickets for super cheap. Willie showed up at a perfect time for the swell and weather. We scored some fun waves at a couple different spots. Just getting to watch Pipe when its good is worth coming to the North Shore, but getting to surf it is all-time. Long surf seshes were followed by a healthy dosage of Stan and Stienlager. It was sick to have one of my hommies from the 805 to share my daily surf/lurk seshes. Willie managed to score a rental car so we had some trany to get around. My normal means of transportation consist of my feet and a vert dog skate board that is my roommates’. It was nice to be able to make some vulgar Pismo comments and have them fully appreciated. I’m sure I will be seeing some more of Willie now that he has the hookup on tickets!

The weather is going to be bad for the next week which means alot more lurking and less surfing, maybe time to booze it up a bit! There’s a sick new skate park right behind Rock Piles that I might have to go check, do some slashes and maybe brake my neck! When the waves are shitty the time slows down but you just have to keep yourself busy. A lot of people make it seem like all there is to do on the North Shore is surf but there are many other activities that you can do when living somewhere with warm clear water. Still in shock over all the chicks lurking the beaches, bike trail and grocery store. I went to Haleiwa a few nights ago to hit the bar and there were so many breezys from all over the place. Hopefully the weather will calm down at the end of the week and let the trades return. I had a Jeremy Wright sighting, actually multiple sightings so that pretty much made my winter already! More to come next week and hopefully get some photos up!

Mahalo, Murdock

November 16th, 2007
I’m currently residing on the North Shore of Oahu now. Coming from the ghetto of Grover to the mecca of bodyboarding and surfing is overwhelming. I have an upstairs loft that I call home that overlooks Backyards and Sunset. I have wanted to live in Hawaii ever since I started laying on a boogie and after many years of struggling with Cali’s harsh laws, inconsistent surf, and abundant supply of slammies and slammers, I’ve broke away to one of the sickest places on the planet.

Its been a real slow November as far as swell and the only thing keeping all the travelers sane is the abundant supply of nasties flocking the beach daily. I’m telling you there is so much ass on the North Shore it’s disturbing! The Banzaii hasn’t shown its true colors yet but I’m staying optimistic knowing that it is inevitable for it to get big. I’ve always been confined to a few mainstream spots every year I have come to Hawaii but lately I have been surfing a bunch of different spots that are relatively uncrowded. I’m going to make it a priority to invest in some camera gear so eventually I can flood the site with photos and document the North Shore Winter for everybody’s viewing enjoyment.

The Triple Crown of surfing is in full effect right now, kind of a scene but that’s part of Hawaii. Impressive to watch some of the pro stand-ups rip the world’s most famous waves. I watched 18-year-old Mason Ho put on a show at the Excel Sunset Pro, dominating surfers twice his age. None of the bodyboarders have really showed up yet which is weird for me to see the lineup boogie free. I’ve had a couple Hubb sightings at Off the Wall ripping the shit out of every wave no matter how big it is. Stay tuned to the Rookies site for many more North Shore updates to come including some pics to scope.

Mahalo, Murdock

North Shore Update

northshorebra.jpgIt’s starting to look like wintertime on the North Shore. Things got off to a slow start for the month of November but it looks like the cycle has arrived. Waimea showed herself yesterday with some solid 20 footers rolling in. Pipe had a couple barrels but still needs a westy to clear the sand off the reef. The best, most consistent wave so far has been Sunset. Unfortunately it’s not your ideal bodyboarding wave, but I found out that the left off the main peak can offer a boosty ramp sometimes, dumping you off in waist deep water. The forecast for the next few weeks is claiming that the surf is not going to go below the 10 foot range. The waves aren’t the only thing that have been up. The nasty factor is at an all time high with everything from out-of-towners to your local pro hos/sticker sluts! Right in front of my house there seems to be a major nasty hangout zone. Butt floss, boobs, I see it all everyday from my porch. The pictures will be coming soon once I can score a quality digital camera! Stay tuned to the continuing saga of the North Shore where I will try to keep the updates coming weekly! Mahalo, Murdock.