Guest: Slaughter

Name: Ted Slaughter
Age: 21
Current Residence: Newport Beach, CA
Years Shooting: 3 years
Equipment: Canon 20D, 70-200 f2.8 (land), SPL Housing with a 10-22 (water)
Favorite Place to Shoot: Wedge
Inspirations: Tim Jones and Tim McKenna
Website: InvertBB


Zak Baz boosting on Big Wednesday.

Cylinders breaking at sunset on Big Wednesday.

Mark Klein.

RJ Duernberger dropping in at perfect Wedge.

Rusty Friesen.

Tyler Kent making every wave this day at Cylinders.

Dream Wedges during this whole swell.

and then there were two…

“Sit daaahhrrlliiin.”
Josh Warthen continued his fairytale run on the Big Break with those slightly awkward and slightly f’ing amping words last night. Now he’s rolling straight into the final episode of the show with a legitimate chance for a sponsors’ exemption at a PGA tour event. I’ll be honest, I was over this show for about a month cuz there were too many dudes, too much golf, and not enough Warthen. All the golfers said he was getting lucky and all the critics said he was overmatched. But if someone can pull Adolescence out of their ass after only a couple years in the sport of bodyboarding, I had a gut feeling that Josh had something simmering on the backburner for this desert showdown with his highly experienced Asian counterpart. From the dramatic music to the extreme facial closeup cutaways to Josh’s own freaking golfcam, this was entertainment! He wavered with some of his questionable on-field comments, but not with his golfing. Now we’ve got Grover Groupies in heat and Santa Maria Times bloggers licking their chops for the final episode which stages Warthen against another experienced veteran in Brian Kontak. Check it out next Tuesday night on the Golf Channel.

calebash.JPEGAs far as bodyboarding goes, we finally got the goods posted from Kellen and Cale’s semi-recent Mainland adventure and rolled it over into an etcetera. If you didn’t believe in Cale before, you best be believing now. Here’s a quick synopsis from Kellen who also wrote the captions for the feature:

Here’s a shitload of fg’s from the trip I’ll send you some pictures that Cale got as well. Pretty much your standard Mex trip – we got shacked all morning ’til noon and slammed back all day ’til we had to sleep. Good times and a good trip. Peace.

We’ve also added/fixed some links to our last post if you didn’t catch them. Lastly, we wanted to spread rumors about an upcoming 805 article in Bodyboarder Magazine too. Keep your eyes peeled for future issues with some Central Coast love.

Link of the Week: RaDyO is a cool initiative to study the optical properties of breaking waves.

Mainland Mexico

Something told me that construction orange was the right choice for the last “BATCH” of Rookies shirts, Cale Moore clockin’ in.

Usually I’m disappointed to see a few SHACK SHI sticks usually in the water, however Chad Jackson’s far from shack shi.

This was one of the longer backside tubes that I’ve seen in a while. Only in
Mex can you surf a peak like this all to yourselves with a couple of friends.

Good friend Dave Florez stalling his way into a beauty, this guy is living the life and is more amped on bodyboarding than anyone that I’ve know.

Destructing the lip is what Cale does best and when you see this entire clip of him landing this trick you will see why.

After the Godfather Randall Hamilton’s wedding in Hawaii Roldy and Briggs introduced me to Butt Hash, a drug that’s getting ready to blow up worldwide. It’s when you shit in a jar, piss on it, and then let it sit for a week before you open and wiff. If only I could have bottled up the shit I
lost after seeing this empty in the water.

If only I had a still camera on this one.

Lifelong Los Osos kid Matt King getting the view, not to mention he can porch sit with the best of them.

First light Jonseyness, done.

Porch sitting was a main focus on this trip, and it just wouldn’t have been nearly as all time without Brother Dan do to certain cannabis issues involving him and the law. Brother Dan decided to take a little leave of absence from his home in Hawaii and come meet some new people in Mex. Dan will play you any song you can imagine on request with brother Stanley’s assistance.

This wave grew into a monster of a tube.

When Ryan Moore wasn’t busy slamming tequila and eating massive quantities of tsunami love, he was getting a little break from the sun and hanging out in the shade of the tube.

Empty peak, tubes, Jonseyness, Cale needs nothing else.

Hadn’t boogied in a month and without a board, here’s Todd Glaser in between shifts on a borrowed board without a doubt getting the wave of the day.

This was probably one of the best clips we got. Solid travel time just wish I could have got him coming out.

This tube was ridiculously long. Jackson enjoying the shade.

If only the fro hawk was a little clearer for all to see.

Cale getting used to the warm water hacking away backside.


California Dreamin’

murderontherock1.gifFirst off if you haven’t already perused The Dawn review/songlist/premiere page, check it out right here now. Thanks to the Illmatic Asthmatic for the words. This event was a perfect post-Thanksgiving recovery, with old schoolers and new schoolers all convening over a few ice cold Steinies and a very entertaining boogie film. Buy it here now and be sure to check out our boy Cale Moore’s Central destruction. Please use caution when watching the Dark Side of Thugh Moon version.

Also, we’ve got another update in the Murdock North Shore running diary. Between Jeremy Wright and Willie Richerson sightings, the kid has had his hands full. He’s now riding for Toobs Bodyboards and has already been hard at work for his new sponsor.

We also got dropped a line from ex-805er and Toys frontman Will George who has been getting all Hollywood on us and heavily anticipating his North Shore return:

Life is good lots of stuff going down. I’m living in Hollywood, working in Development and Production at New Line Cinema. Really enjoying it. I too will be heading back over to HI in February. Looking forward to getting back to my Insanities peak! I have not surfed in way too long, like 6 months. Been all work. Hard for me to get in the water in Cali, especially in the winter.

The most documented swell of all time? Buying a new digi and boasting to buddies on various galleries and forums with cubicle candy has never been so easy. This last bombing west swell came at a perfect time to test bandwidth limits across the board. Here’s just a few of the many links out there from Big Wednesday:

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Orange County Love
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Shacka Barbara

A couple more links that deserve mention…
Ben Player is crowned world champ at Confital. The guy is on a mission. Look for his interview coming up in the new A-Frame Magazine.
– Jordan Stallard is a big goofy Grizzly Adams type who happens to edit bodyboarding videos. Check his early season Hawaii edit.
– Movement is on top of the media game. Issue 21 Teaser.
Lore meet Format. Format meet Lore.

Link of the Week: So many new Aussie vids these days its hard to keep up. This site caught our eye though.