Unplanned Parenthood

Darren Delmore weaved his way through our industry years ago first as a professional competitor in the 90’s, then later as editor of the US based ‘Bodyboarding Magazine’ in the early aughts. He continued to author numerous stories for other standup and boog publications over the years when he found his second calling in an industry with deeper pockets. Instead of chasing elusive California southern hemisphere swells he instead chose to chase wine harvests up and down the California coast to learn the craft, even paying some dues in South Australia’s Barossa Valley for an extended season abroad. He kept his pen sharp along the way, chronicling some of his juiciest tidbits as a cellarhand in a series of recently published novels. His latest book, Unplanned Parenthood: Confessions of a Vagabond Cellarhand, just became available in time for the holidays.

Now back permanently on the Central Coast, Darren has established himself as national sales manager at the Central Coast’s fabled Tablas Creek Winery, all while starting his own small wine label on the side and popping out a pair of grommets with the missus. But old habits die hard in these parts. Even with all the distractions, that old creaky Toobs board still beckons for some turns on the knee. As luck would have it, Christmas came calling last year at the newly renovated Pismo Beach pier. Darren managed a day pass from his normal duties to take a few swings at the inside reform amidst the sweeping currents and washthrough sets. Delmore turned back the clock with a couple hacks for the dk aficionados to fuel their 90’s nostalgia til Santa comes calling again during this season’s Holiday Hangover.

This photo could be from 30 year ago or from today. Signature Delmore hack at the Pismo Pier. More from this day to come in our upcoming Holiday Hangover feature.
Judging by the first two books of his series, Unplanned Parenthood won’t disappoint.


@dub0 ventured over to the mainland for some stunt double music video work but had a few brief windows to hunt some small kine Southern California wedges. The double whammy of ‘Rona and a brutal months-long flatspellĀ had extinguished any morale amongst the majority of west coast wave riders. But when Dubb was dealt the mainland lemons upon arrival, he delivered some island lemonade (or breadfruitjuice?). The versatility flowed across all stances and we were on hand to capture a few moments while pushing our 9-5 schedule to the brink. He rolled up with his signature toe socks and Buffalo Bills sweatpants and walked away content after logging a few California novelty wedges.

Bachelor Boyz Part II

Louie speed check a long way from Grover City.

James had a hectic, convoluted itinerary from Hawaii to partake in the fun. But once he heard Miller was on board, he was locked in.

Sightseeing up the coast.

Adam focused on the exit while out of focus.

Joe finding shade at a Wedge up the road.

Mainland morning offshores, something you can always rely on.

Shake for me girl, camel wants to be your backdoor man.

From the blue board this ones gotta be either Frank or Joe but we’re not sure.

Mark’s morning hibernation routine was disrupted on the last day when we woke up to the cleanest conditions yet.

Murdock inside section anticipation.

Too good to pass up but always a risky endeavor.

With Willie on injured reserve, Louie had to bring the DK energy.

Adam took the prone belt for the trip with tweaks like these.

Willie looking a little too casual on the blazing hot black sand.

Adam bank revo. Revo bank Adam.

Clean lines, clean mornings with Alex.

It truly feels like you’re home when you see Wedo again for the first time.

Suicide Joe wondering if the tiendita replenished their beer supply.

Hard to see, but Willie’s stuffed deep inside this little round sidewinder.

Checking waves outside the usual strip.

Louie putting every ounce on that inside rail.

Murdock wrestling a tick one.

Pondering whether we can make it down the cliff.

Adam somewhere you’d rather be.

It has been scientifically proven that baby seals love frothy barrels.

Evening sunsets in Mainland never disappoint.

Bachelor Boyz Part I

We’ve neglected this space for far too long. Can’t believe it’s been almost two years since this Mexico run for Nick’s bachelor party. Beers and barrels and liquid bowel movements, you know the routine. Getting the crew together is harder and harder these days, making this outing a memorable one. Here’s Part I of the photos. Movie clip and a second photo segment currently cooking in the oven. Click the pics for full size.

Mexico has all the ingredients for a solid bachelor getaway.

Gutter vision with BGA.

Joe enjoying the clean peaky conditions of the final day.

The fannypack/eye mask airport combo. Tried by many, perfected by few.

Red eye flight to bright eyed boost. Adam releasing some 805 frustration.

Alex experiencing quite the opposite of the normal San Francisco summer.

Anticipation in 5th gear. The final leg of travel en route to our final destination.

Louie backside skills always on point.

Murdock fleep out da bowl.

If you spend enough time in a Mexico certified Corona chair under a beachside palapa in crazy humid air, chances are that you’ll end up with a tramp stamp like Shindo did here.

Alex with a barrel to tidy off the lip forward on this one. Wedo promptly scored it a 9.5.

Adam perfecting the Mexican abortion.

Local lifeguard on patrol.

Someone from our crew is stuffed in this wet Mexican blanket.

Frank enjoying some iron funded rotations.

When the wind begins to switch, the cold Caguamas begin to call.

Joe parked right in the sweet spot.

Worth dodging closeouts and battling currents for any day.

On the brink of extinction, its good to see that babyseals and camels can coexist in Mexico.

Adam always dots his i’s and crosses his t’s.

Nick with a rare break from the toilet.

Rummy, seeds, and beer – standard Mexico nights.

Louie wide-armed inside bowl appreciation before getting blasted by some oncoming backwash.

Suicide visions. Louie gave Joe the nickname Suicide years ago at this very same spot for his long midday sessions under the blazing sun and casual walks back to our casita across the fiery black sands.

Scotty Carter Inside flashbacks at the far bar.

Foamball runs with Alex. The only kind of runs you want in Mexico.

Adam familiarizing himself with the north end race section.

Pit Nostalgia

Nick Statom booked a short vacay in Cabo last year for a wedding and sent through this photo set from a few sessions spent in the salt amongst the shorebreak that abounds throughout that fingertip of dry, deserty coastline. There was a twinge of Pit mag nostalgia that crept over us as the empty barrel shots kickstarted our youthful memories. We found evidence of the epic Eddie Solomon (RIP) cover issue which still holds up today even in the Clark Little era. Somehow Cameron Steele’s Cabo infused poo canon has been erased from the internets altogether but lives eternally in our then-impressionable teenage minds. You can almost feel the dry heat, smell the tequilla, and envision the crystal blue waters in the pics below.