Unplanned Parenthood

Darren Delmore weaved his way through our industry years ago first as a professional competitor in the 90’s, then later as editor of the US based ‘Bodyboarding Magazine’ in the early aughts. He continued to author numerous stories for other standup and boog publications over the years when he found his second calling in an industry with deeper pockets. Instead of chasing elusive California southern hemisphere swells he instead chose to chase wine harvests up and down the California coast to learn the craft, even paying some dues in South Australia’s Barossa Valley for an extended season abroad. He kept his pen sharp along the way, chronicling some of his juiciest tidbits as a cellarhand in a series of recently published novels. His latest book, Unplanned Parenthood: Confessions of a Vagabond Cellarhand, just became available in time for the holidays.

Now back permanently on the Central Coast, Darren has established himself as national sales manager at the Central Coast’s fabled Tablas Creek Winery, all while starting his own small wine label on the side and popping out a pair of grommets with the missus. But old habits die hard in these parts. Even with all the distractions, that old creaky Toobs board still beckons for some turns on the knee. As luck would have it, Christmas came calling last year at the newly renovated Pismo Beach pier. Darren managed a day pass from his normal duties to take a few swings at the inside reform amidst the sweeping currents and washthrough sets. Delmore turned back the clock with a couple hacks for the dk aficionados to fuel their 90’s nostalgia til Santa comes calling again during this season’s Holiday Hangover.

This photo could be from 30 year ago or from today. Signature Delmore hack at the Pismo Pier. More from this day to come in our upcoming Holiday Hangover feature.
Judging by the first two books of his series, Unplanned Parenthood won’t disappoint.