Holiday Hangover III

Spring has finally sprung here in Cali with a noticeable change in the weather pattern and the first south swells of the year having already marched through our waters. We thought it was high time we paid a final tribute to the best winter season in recent memory. After a couple successful weekend media missions up the coast and a few quality email submissions we constructed this overflowing visual feature that could cure any level of holiday hangover.

Saint Patrick’s Day Pics via Roldan:

Salcido/Autry sightings, Redface’s long lost Trader Sam’s tee, Ralphy assface, and plenty more weirdness in DTSLO.

Roldan’s Birthday Weekend Framegrabs:

Exclusive sequence from the upcoming Werewolves of Roldan prone segment. Naaaahhhh.

Camel closeout, Brett spaghetti-o’s, Empty, Alex view

Louie cruising, Alex backdooring, Empty wedging, Mark gunning

Empty, Alex vs. Brett WWF, Inside out, Lou rail

Roldan’s Birthday Weekend Photos via Brett and Alex:

Carbombs, Budweiser and late night pizza. Chatroulette, city bus rides, and urban surf checks. Birthday punches and wrestling on sacred grounds. This last minute weekend in the city had it all.

Late February Weekend in the 805 framegrabs:

Brett Pico Punt, Cale Creek Cut, French Flippin’ Roy, Jammin’ Brett

Wonka: lines, floats, wings, toobs, and chunks

Random Winter Leftovers:

A rugged looking Kellen Keene going for broke via Azhiaziam.

Hellmore and Chanus via Sara Williamson. Warning: We are not responsible for any damages caused by the dolphin man sequence on the first GIF.

NorCal pics via Alex.

SD and the CC via Nick and Adam.

Brett Digicam Leftovers:

DTSLO nights.

Ralphy performing.

Random shit.

Burger King mascots, Bozos, mustaches, and Asthmatics.

Cherry Popping

I’m lacking in creative juices right now. Deal with it.

Tuesday night, February 9th, I flew into Hawaii with Folzz. Neither of us slept much after checking the forecast for the following day. More updates coming.





The Yeast Coast Infection

Plagued and infested with tourists, morons, douche-bags and an obvious lack of swell, summer in the Mid-Atlantic isn’t an ideal place for a bodyboarder. Any hint of a wave above two feet comes with the challenge of fighting an overwhelming crowd of inland donkeys struggling to climb aboard their fun-shape surfboards or hard-slick boogieboards. It can bring tears to the eyes of a wave-starved soul, watching his home breaks humiliated in such an unappreciative manner. Having only been able to pass the summer boogie-skimming through the crowded shorebreak and dawn patrolling for sub-par wind-swell, one thought keeps an east-coaster sane: Fall…

Hurricane swells, empty lineups, and relatively warm weather and water are the perfect medication for the summertime infection that so deeply pervades the Mid-Atlantic coast. The itchy, tourist fungus gets replaced by marathon sessions in hollow, chocolate barrels. Eyes locked on tropical depressions, storms, and hurricanes keep the local watermen free of responsibilities and commitments. Bill and Danny have already graced the early season with hurricane swell, but there are many months left and lots of high hopes for more tropical activity.





Paul Loukas


The Wait is Over