Tanner McWavepool

With international travel severely hampered in the early Corona days, domestic strike missions became a more viable option in the states, especially with all the slashed down airfare and free government coin. Luckily the proliferation of wave pools around the globe offered a feasible alternative when forecast charts went nil during several depressing stretches. Although this ascendant industry seems to have mostly catered toward standups, bodyboarders seem to have become serendipitous beneficiaries from a novelty setting at the wave pool in Waco.

By all accounts this new frontier is a young man’s game. Quick reflexes, flexibility, and an ability to absorb repeated visits to the flats has us wishing we could turn back the clock. Tanner McDaniel appears to be the prototype for this genre, possessing that essential combination of youth, athleticism, and flexibility to redefine what is possible. Lets just say it’s hard to translate what he’s doing to a late 30’s body with hardly any tread left on the tires. If they can somehow pack another foot or two onto that wave, we’re there.

When we met up with Dubb two summers ago, Tanner, now a California resident, also joined the mix in tow with his trusted fellow OC boyband members. It doesn’t take a wave pool to see the dude’s Youriding-like approach. The results were much the same in the real salt – mechanical repeatability with no discernable chinks in his armor in very mediocre wedges. He’s poised for a world title if he possesses the ambition (and if a tour exists). Here’s a couple images from our meetup.