Murdock Update 2/16/11

Waves have gone a bit scrapper the last week. My body is enjoying the resting time but the mind is not amping on the forecast for the pipe contest. Nothing over 5 feet and alot of north in the forecast. I have to surf in round one heat 3 so there’s a high chance the waves could be pretty dismal. Looking forward to getting it over with and hopefully get some world tour points for the South American leg. Chile,Peru and Mexico should be sick contest with a good chance for guru waves at all three events! I have hundreds of photos to throw up but will just post a few most of them are from the last two months. I will throw a few more updates during contest time to keep everyone posted. All pics by Anna Riedel!! thanks you the best photog ever!!

Murder North Shore 10/11 Update!!!

I’m going to try to make this write up short and sweet and save the novel for the end of the season summary! I’m just saying this because so much has gone down and I have so many photos to post that it is overwhelming! Early season was pumping even though Pipe was in hibernation mode. The mid size NW swells were super consistent lighting up Rocky Point almost everyday since the end of September. Zimbra and myself put some heavy time in out there, going heavy techy mode with small wave riding. Don’t get me wrong Rocky’s gets solid six feet and some of the ramps are freakshow so it wasn’t all small wave riding.

Finally come December time Pipe awoke with a few decent swells, but it wasn’t until late December and January that it started to get good all the time. Keiki has been going pretty good too and with the 662-7d investment, shit has been getting done! Alex Leon has been behind the lens producing some amazing images. Botha has been getting weird behind the lens as well. All out production has been going down this season and I’m super stoked on the positive vibes and hard work by everybody. I will throw some pics up and have another contest update in a few weeks!! Aloha Murder!!! Oh ya, stoked on the Louie and Sandy visit. Good Pismo boys getting a taste of the North Shore – love the Pismo support. I’ve been blessed with a two month Savoji campaign as well. Good times with the Lizard a lot of boogie and minor buzz. Much more to come!

photo: Riedel

photo: Chris Burkard

photo: Chris Burkard

art: Dug Baker/Guru

frame: Roldan


photo: Alex Leon 662!!!!!

photo: 662 support

art: Dug Baker

Life of Lou – Part I

When he felt his back go pop, Louie shrugged it off as a consequence of his job in the ever-demanding iron working industry. Surely the bumps and bruises came with the territory. But this was neither bump nor bruise. And when his back continued to affect his surfing and his livelihood earlier this year, a doctor’s visit revealed an emergency back surgery was necessary. Couple the surgery with a probationary sentence and a meager disability check and some would have given up the boog altogether given his troublesome position. But instead Louie made it his prime motivator for a full recovery.

When the first pics surfaced from Louie behind the lens a few weeks later you knew the passion was still there. And it sure didn’t take long for the kid from Grover City to make it out in the water himself in limited action. Stories continued to arise throughout summer from the Pismo crew about Louie’s steady progression and reincarnation into his old recklessly controlled surfing form.

Well, I got to see it in person a few weeks back while visiting the 805. The local dropknee crew was in full effect with most everyone out milking the more predictable and lazy outside peaks at the local beachie. Not Lou though. He was back in the shorey where he belonged, giving it go after go with that all too familiar playful grin. He hadn’t skipped a beat.

Along the way Louie kept good documentation of his past year. Fishing, camping, lurking, and photography kept him busy during recovery down times. His luck would finally change when he was cleared to surf. Happening upon an abandoned GoPro in the Oceano dunes meant he could now capture some of the local action in motion. Below are his two first edits from the new rig. We’ll show some of his surfing photos in the next update.

Holiday Hangover III

Spring has finally sprung here in Cali with a noticeable change in the weather pattern and the first south swells of the year having already marched through our waters. We thought it was high time we paid a final tribute to the best winter season in recent memory. After a couple successful weekend media missions up the coast and a few quality email submissions we constructed this overflowing visual feature that could cure any level of holiday hangover.

Saint Patrick’s Day Pics via Roldan:

Salcido/Autry sightings, Redface’s long lost Trader Sam’s tee, Ralphy assface, and plenty more weirdness in DTSLO.

Roldan’s Birthday Weekend Framegrabs:

Exclusive sequence from the upcoming Werewolves of Roldan prone segment. Naaaahhhh.

Camel closeout, Brett spaghetti-o’s, Empty, Alex view

Louie cruising, Alex backdooring, Empty wedging, Mark gunning

Empty, Alex vs. Brett WWF, Inside out, Lou rail

Roldan’s Birthday Weekend Photos via Brett and Alex:

Carbombs, Budweiser and late night pizza. Chatroulette, city bus rides, and urban surf checks. Birthday punches and wrestling on sacred grounds. This last minute weekend in the city had it all.

Late February Weekend in the 805 framegrabs:

Brett Pico Punt, Cale Creek Cut, French Flippin’ Roy, Jammin’ Brett

Wonka: lines, floats, wings, toobs, and chunks

Random Winter Leftovers:

A rugged looking Kellen Keene going for broke via Azhiaziam.

Hellmore and Chanus via Sara Williamson. Warning: We are not responsible for any damages caused by the dolphin man sequence on the first GIF.

NorCal pics via Alex.

SD and the CC via Nick and Adam.

Brett Digicam Leftovers:

DTSLO nights.

Ralphy performing.

Random shit.

Burger King mascots, Bozos, mustaches, and Asthmatics.

Cherry Popping

I’m lacking in creative juices right now. Deal with it.

Tuesday night, February 9th, I flew into Hawaii with Folzz. Neither of us slept much after checking the forecast for the following day. More updates coming.