North Shore Update 2/27/11

Just a few pics of some good beer!!!!! I started drinking more quality beer lately and it is so much better than drinking scrapper beer! Only a bit more money and the alcohol percentage is way higher, not to mention that it tastes amazing!!! Combo swell on the forecast at 4-6 feet, Rocky’s could get freak show!!!!!

Sierra Nevada og!!

Brrrrrrrr good shit!!!

Torpsss will put hair on ur chest!!!


big BBBBBBBB so much bust cuzzzzz!!!!!!

The Tail good bang for the buck!!

North Shore Update 2/26/11

It’s time for some DK action!! Rocky’s was pretty small the other day so I got behind the camera and shot the boys. I used Dawson’s 7D with a 300. Rocky’s is sick when its small because it breaks so close to shore! All the water shots were taken by BJ, my friend who is guru massage healer guru guy!! The forecast isn’t looking amazing but there’s some good mid-size combo swell which should make for good times at Rocky point! I still have plenty of random photos that i will keep posting when there’s no waves to keep the action alive! Riders in the shots below consist of James Dawson, Jeff Chaney and Daniel Zimbra! You guys all kill it! One last shout out to B-Dubb for his engagement to Stephanie Peterson Yaaaaaa B-DUBB!!!

Chaney! photo: BJ

Chaney in da toob! photo: BJ

Chaney soo deep!! photo: BJ

Dawson floating it! photo: Murdock

Chaney snap! photo: Murdock

Chaney snap#2. photo: Murdock

Chaney snap#3. photo: Murdock

More Chaney! photo: Murdock

Zimbra handling on da knee!! photo: Murdock

Zimbra handling on da belly as well. photo: Murdock

Happy looking mighty happy with his new esposa. photo: Murdock

North Shore update 2/25/11

That’s right folks another update!!! Well not too much has developed since the last update. Surfed super fun Rockies today and shot photos of the boys going DK! Chaney and Dawson were getting down, even Zimbra was dropping the knee. I will throw the DK pics up soon but in the meantime here are some pics Chaney took of me and Zimbra the other evening at Rockies! Enjoy!!! I should be posting some video footage soon!!!

Flipping out! photo: Chaney!!

Zimbra boosting!!!! photo: Chaney

Zimbra boosting #2! photo: Chaney!!!!

Just love this one Pipe!! photo: Statom

Zimbra drawn back at home!!! photo: Chaney!!

Cheap little air. photo: Riedel

I'll be watching you!! photo: Riedel!

Guru picture!!!! photo: Anna Riedel!!

North Shore Update 2/24/11

First off I have to give a big shout out for Hubby’s Pipe victory! The come from behind win was hectic! Hubb is a guru, the waves just come to him because he is so guru! Another shout out to Feasty for taking the DK crown. He has skills on the knee, especially in the barrel! I don’t have any contest photos but will try to get something from Dawson to post on the site. The finals wasn’t too photo worthy but would have been good for video. Super good support from Red Bull hooking up some quality live feed for the event!! The better the live feed is the more people will watch. Having Red Bull involved in our sport is big time so much mahalos for the support!!

I stayed away from the contest mainly because Rockies was pumping with minor crowd factor! Some good ramps with a few draining barrels! Mr. Daniel and myself have been putting in some major water time especially after our cheap first heat Pipe knock out! I will post a few pics of the Rocky point action. Mr. Daniel’s girlfriend hooked us up with a scrapper video camera that works pretty insane for not being top of the line! I should be throwing up some frame grabs and a little edit soon so keep checking for the video upgrade to my post! Waves have been pretty scrapper compared to January so I’m hoping for a little late-season burst soon! More updates coming soon so stay tuned to the Rookies site!!!!

Rockies reverse. photo: Riedel

Zimbra revo. photo: Riedel editted by murdock

Rockies boost. photo: Riedel

Flip at Rockies. photo: Riedel

ARS Rockies. photo: Dawson!!

Rockies revo. photo: Dawson

Da Boys handling photo and video support. photo: Riedel

The girlriend loves these pics!! photo: Riedel

Murdock Update 2/18/11

I wish I had some good news about my Pipe campaign but unfortunately I don’t! I went down in my first heat, soooo bummed. Had to surf Beach Park scrapper rights but still gimped it! My first wave I did a bank reverse which I thought might get a 4.5 or so but ended up getting less than a 3. That’s how it goes. If I would have done a spin roll combo instead of a banker I might have got a better score. Minor, looking forward to Puerto and South America!

Waves are pretty gimp right now but it looks like there could be a little pulse for the last day of the comp. No real major standouts in the comp so far except for B-Dubb!!! The guy started in the trials and is headed into round six!! Shit is guru he is back and ready to make his mark! I guarantee that guy could be in the top 24 if he had a little help with travel for competitions. B-Dubb is the man and I hope he wins the whole thing man!!!!! Going to throw up some more pics. Sorry no good pics from the contest but going to try to get photo support for the final day of the Mens heats. Will keep the contest intel coming!! Aloha!!

photo: Dawson

photo: Dawson

Zimbra! photo: Riedel

Zimbra! photo: Riedel

Zimbra!! photo: Riedel

Sooogood photo: Riedel

Hubb.. photo: Riedel

photo: Dawson!!!!

Koa photo: Mommy

vert photo: Riedel

best dog ever!!!!!!!!! photo: Mama

vert! photo: Riedel

vert photo: Riedel

vert photo: Riedel

First year resident! photo: Warren!

drawn back!!!! photo: Riedel

Miss the house!!!