South of the Border II

James flipping out.

Robles sitting on the foamball.

Statom railing into a morning gem.

Willie cutting right through any bloated belly symptoms.

This guy can scalp cocos better than you.

James planning our next Colima mission.

Teen Wolf setting up for the inside bar.

Nick speed check.

Sooo gooood.

Wonka fanning.

Murdock loving that mid-morning golden hour.

If you are up for battling currents, there’s plenty of these to go around.

Louie mid-Tarzan roar.

Caguama fueled reverse ramps.

Our dinner coming back into port.

James speeding through a far bar nug.

Robles on a bomber.

Nick and James traded off drainers like these to themselves on the best afternoon of the trip.

From these.

To these.

James loving the afternoon milkshakes.

We had a big night at a hotel party down the street. Packed crowd with a little pool setup next to a live DJ. Upon entry the first thing Louie does is a giant cannonball into the pool, completely blasting water on everybody who’s dressed up for the night along with all the DJ equipment. It was one of those moments where the party had reached a tipping point. Would they be fucking pissed at these gringos or would they embrace our stupid antics? Somehow we survived and soon enough half the party had jumped in.

Bubblebutt cam angles with a hectic metal mount.

Willie trying to navigate through one of Wedo’s twisted stories.

James post-mid-face-turn setup.

Louie getting ready to tuck.

A coco a day keeps the hangover away.

Nick getting a taste of Wonka’s left.

Willie midday fun.

Murdock locked up.

The calamaco mariachis.

Probably the best lip line you’ve ever seen from a werewolf.

Wedo got in an awkward sandcrab fight with a buddy in the shore at the beginning of this clip.

Wooly mammoth.

The reason why James comes back every year.

Such good bloated belly relief.

We named him Mexican Jumping Bean.


Murdock loopty loop.

Willie got some prone bowls too.

Louie whip.

Wonka’s left looking inviting.

Tent time. Yoga time. Surf time. Willie had the Mexican schedule down.

Not sure what’s going on here.

Trademark Murdock vert.

The Pipeline Pro Lives On: Our Fab Five List

There was a swarm of confusion coming into the 2014 Pipeline Pro. One day the comp was completely off, the next day it was deemed back on. Were they holding trials? Would there be a webcast? Who were the sponsors? And who is the APB and would the Pipe contest serve as part of a larger world tour?

With the woeful demise of the IBA at the end of last season, we saw the pendulum swing back from some of the sports’ highest highs over the last few seasons to a catastrophic collapse that left us wondering who would pick up the pieces. In an age of social media where people need instant answers, the lack of transparency and conflicting streams of information were frustrating for the core fan base to say the least.

With this as a backdrop, the APB seemed to be cobbled together at the last minute to ensure some sort of contest at the Banzai. With little information known about this alliance, at least it seems clear that the riders themselves are in charge of their own destiny instead of in the hands of investors. The participation and viewership would suffer for this event, but the grassroots feel and modest swell on tap would give the comp a genuine feel reminiscent of its earlier years.

Although the backing had slipped, it was clear that the level of riding had not suffered at all. Throughout the waiting period there was plenty of progressive surfing in each division that left one hopeful for the sports’ future. After attending the final weekend of the contest we compiled our own list of top performers below. Shout out to all the sponsors and contestants for putting on a good show despite the hardships in getting this event organized last minute.

Tanner McDaniel
We’ve been seeing his antics for some time via podcasts but could it translate to the big stage? Tanner had a big flip on the Mens side that drew plenty of praise, but fell short of advancing in the more subpar conditions of the earlier rounds. But his performance on the Junior’s side during the quality run of waves toward the end of the final day made up for any earlier miscues with an assortment of flips, verts, and barrels that landed him a cakewalk victory. He’s not just a bag of tricks either. With a flowing style Tanner certainly is the future and his semblance to a young version of fellow Kauai native Jeff Hubbard is striking. He definitely has the right mentor in Mike Stewart and a well rooted head on his shoulders so look for plenty more podium finishes from this super-grom in the years to come.

Jared Houston
“Houston we have a problem.” We lost count how many times Happy the Hawaiian announcer (aka Chuckles) made this cheesy comment to the semi-shocked audience at Ehukai Beach Park. More fittingly it was Houston’s heat draw who had the problem. Either way Jared’s back to back heats in the quarters and semis will be one for the history books. The combined 36.57 out of a possible 40 was textbook, but even more impressive were the high 7’s and 8’s he was casually discarding in route to his finals birth. His lefts game has improved and his Backdoor dominance can’t be stressed enough. He looked poised for the win up to the final heat but ran out of steam in the final, landing him a 4th in his 3rd ever Pipeline final. With his first child born recently, the extra coin should help his diaper budget back in Puerto Rico.

Dave Hubbard
Rubba dubb dubb owning the DK club. Dave is still head and shoulders above all when it comes to jackstancing Pipe these days and he took the title with ease. Honestly it would have been a fairly major upset had we seen anything else. Still he did well even by his own high standards with some critical drops and ‘stand up comedians’ in probably the best waves of the comp on Day 3. He suffered a close defeat on the prone side of the draw in a star-studded quarterfinal heat that featured Romero, PLC, and eventual champ BP, so we can’t blame him there. With the formation of Hubboards with his repeat prone champion brother, look for plenty of media following these two this year whether there’s a world tour or not.

Spencer Skipper
When Dubb dubbed him “glutten free Skip” at the onset of the final day we knew something had changed. Channeling a more cut physique and intensive training regimen with a good family support base sitting beachside, Spencer looked rejuvenated. The 9.67 that he posted in Round 5 was the wave of the comp and looked like something you would pull from the Skippy archives of the late 90’s. He would power through Round 6 with clean combos and stylish punts as well. And when he just squeaked through his quarter and semi heats we started to think that maybe it was destined to come to fruition. The long time ripper and style god had made the podium before but had never won the Pipe belt. Would this be it? Unfortunately the guy below got off to a sizzling start at the opening buzzer and Skipper’s late-final Backdoor heroics weren’t quite enough to get the crown he so badly desired. It was only fitting with Skipper’s contest history that he bagged a sure heat winner only seconds after the clock wound down. I have a feeling Spencer will be doing the comp for many years to come, I just hope he still has enough left in the tank to taste the champagne.

Ben Player
Such is the luck of a man making the trek to the North Shore for 20 years in a row before winning his maiden Pipe crown…and then winning another on its heels. BP had quite the fairytale campaign in 2013 winning the IBA title and Riptide’s Bodyboarder of the Year award, and its looking like the momentum will carry into 2014 with this win to kick things off. He torched the others at the onset of the final, snagging a couple nuggets in the first few minutes that would prove to be just enough to carry him to the final horn. He was surfing confident and concise for the entire final day, showcasing his symmetrical abilities and deep maneuver repertoire that continues to churn through heats.

Seeking shade during the Junior Pro final before his final heat, Ben cruised in our tent that Murdock and I had staked up for the final day. He seemed pretty loose jamming to some music and giving praise to young Tanner. He stopped for a minute and said, “I kinda want Skipper to win this thing man, his style’s so sick eh.” After a moments pause he finished his thought “But fuck I wanna win it more.” Classic words from the 3 time champ who, at 35 years old, is still as competitive as ever and seeking crown #4.

Still Hungover…

Another holiday, another hangover. Its an old Pismo adage that applied itself again in 2013. With kids, marriages, and general family obligations starting to dominate as the crew gets a year older, carving out time to get together with the local sponge crew is becoming more of a daunting task – especially this time of year. But with everyone back in town for the holiday and the waves typically above par in the mid-winter season, its also usually the best time of year to have an excuse to get together. Here is the first round of media from this year’s hangover.

Adam finding shade in the midday glare.

Armpit sniff LGF for Roldan.

Cale like a knife through Cayucos-churned butter.

Darren was giving out free showers all session long.

Willie’s actually proning inside this one preparing for what turned out to be a glorious jammer exit.

Somebody’s pissed they ate too many fucking pancakes on this day.

Chaney bellystyle steez a long way from Orcutt.

Buttery nipple.

Louie putting the seal on this little envelope.

Adam laced up

Red Dog slicing into the backlight.

Cale laying one down in front of Suicide Joe.

When Delmore heard rumors that WonTon was in route, he donned his homemade dkwars jersey and went to work.

Willie’s half-thumb went erect when this bird walked by. It was really weird.

No Willie you are not a snowy plover.

Adam scored WOTD honors on this freight train.

Brett was getting guru with three dimensional spinners and layback barrels on this day.

Willie setting up for the inside sandbarrrr.

Miller has real bad luck with gear. He lost his board two waves into this session before having to contend with this chocolatey surprise.

Louie kissing northern lips.

Nick straight off the lengthy drive from San Diego into this.

Roldy and Chaney battling it out between sets.

It’s hard to get all the elements nailed for a session in the 805. Even this day wasn’t perfect, but amidst all the work, Adam indulged in some frothy goodness.

Three weeks prior Hellmore was already spiking his tomato intake to avoid prostate blowouts on hacks like this.

You let Adam tend the camera and this is what happens.

L to the G to the F.

Suicide Joe living up to his name.

Roldan looking all pretty for the camera.

Aleutian flavored ice cream? Adam scooping it all up.

Killmore eying his exit.

Wonka mid-rotation revo whip.

Adam was on the fence whether to come into work on this day. We think he made the right choice.

Some of these heavy freight trains were makeable.

Willie doesn’t need redbull, he’s got wings all the time! Zing!

Robles shoulder blowout.

Mucus poured out of Brett’s nose plugs during this exhilarating ride to shore.

Innocent little beachbreak waves are happy that Louie has to go back to work soon.

Round and green. Two words that can you make you cringe or grin depending on the circumstances. Adam grinning ear to ear.

The last day of the hangover had epic conditions but micro surf. Brett still found some room to play with.

We felt bad missing out documenting a couple quality Cale sessions. He still delivered on this day.

Grovercitykid loving his holiday hangover.

Darren moving water.

Willie setting one up across the reef.

Louie sampling the green goods that abound in these parts.

South of the Border

Can’t believe its already been 3 months since this trip went down! Murdock and Louie were in for the long haul, with sprinklings of Frank, Willie, and Nick mixed in during their one month long campaign in Mainland Mex. With warm water barrels, cold caguamas, and bomb cheap eats in abundance, the land of red, white, and green is a no brainer really. As per usual, there was plenty of new lingo implemented (“It’s pretty good!”), new faces added to the crew (Wedo), and plenty memories made: Frank turned 23 in epic fashion, Louie morphed into Teen Wolf, Murdock nearly moved to Colima, and Willie got a bad bad case of bloated belly. And of course the waves were fun too. From stormy to clean, 4 foot to 12 foot, there was plenty of hours logged in this energetic region of the Pacific. Here is just a small visual sampling of what we got over the course of our stay. Video edit to come. Can’t wait to head back again soon!

The summer months are the rainy season down in this part of Mexico, making for some amazing day-enders.

Frank unleashing some Chastity frustration.

Louie getting Jonesy in the shorey behind the lens.

Murdock shaking off the previous nights hotel beach party debauchery.

Our bubble butt neighbor definitely had our attention.

Baby seal taking the top right off.

Coming back to Cali was tough.

It ain’t iron but battling the current is still a tough day for DSESB. I mean, just look at that face.

Nick’s first morning straight off the plane and into this.

Bigger then it looks.

Murdock taking a quick break while perusing the scene in town.

Frank taking advantage of a rare evening cleanup.

Another night another lightning storm.

Murdock punching one through the lip.

Teen Wolf on homemade fish taco garnishing duty.

Willie probably had a little Gremlin boner when he shot this.

Rare proof that baby seals do exist in Mexico.

The kings of street tacos.

Werewolves of London Mexico.

We took Wedo in with open arms. He’d do anything for a caguama and was an expert middleman.

Louie wore a full suit and cut his hair for this session out front.

Frank lining up yet another out front.

Feeling lucky? We stuck out like sore thumbs at this little Mexican casino.

Teen Wolf putting his beard into it.

Some impromptu midday entertainment while legendary old timer Calamako looks on.

Once you locked in on the rights, the wave did all the work.

We can’t wait for Louie to cut his beard like this.

A lonely righthander paying tribute to yet another spectacular sunset.

Murdock just thinking about his next caguama.

Frank in a regular foots dream.

It was hard to sleep with Louie howling all through the night. You can’t blame him for being excited for mornings like this.

Local fisherman getting the goods.

Murdock still found plenty of shade in the tropical heat.

This thing is about to turn inside out.

Willie battled severe bloated belly for several days but still found some slices of heaven.

Nick inversion at Wonka’s left.

Murdock, small day fun.

Refueling for a second morning session.

Teen Wolf setting up for the inside sandbar.

Familiares. A Mexico must.

Murdock finding space to play with.

If you could battle the current, there was plenty reward.

Frank not thinking about Chastity.

Tropical fireballs.

Mex bound

¡Hola! Louie and Frank ventured south to Mainland Mex last week and have already sampled some goods. Murdock, Willie, and Nick will follow shortly after over the course of this coming week. We will have a full recap upon return but keep an eye on our Facebook page for some real time updates and other random pictures from past and present.

We have also updated our Vimeo page with a few new vids shown below and have a couple new edits in the works so stay tuned!