Cut Off Sweatshirts and Spycams


Waves finally came knocking this past couple weeks and the droves were ready. Here are a couple links from photographers Chase Curry, Chris Allen, Bryan Pezman, anonymous Zuma guy, and Ted Slaughter, who all stayed busy documenting the goodness. Up north of Conception the usual suspects got a few treats as well. Surfari adventures were running wild in the land of zebras and castles courtesy of Johhhhnnny G’s fully equipped Astrochurch van. Oatmeal Brains and DTB III claimed empty fulfillment north of Pismo as well. In Ventura County and Orange County Mike Stewart fronted a mini promotional tour where fun waves were shared and some of Science’s new line was unveiled and sampled by local boogies.

This past weekend marked 26 years of ASR and San Diego got its fill at the Convention Center. Huge prize purses, 2 runway shows, world movie premieres, seminars and fundraisers rounded out 3 whored out days at ASR. The kids at LORE strapped together some cash and got a booth at the neighboring Agenda show. Dug Baker setup shop in the booth and solidified his sponsorship with Bic with a twisted version of The Last Supper.

Link of the Week: California Coastal Cleanup Day hits beaches this Saturday. Make the surf gods happy and do a good deed.