North Shore Update

northshorebra.jpgIt’s starting to look like wintertime on the North Shore. Things got off to a slow start for the month of November but it looks like the cycle has arrived. Waimea showed herself yesterday with some solid 20 footers rolling in. Pipe had a couple barrels but still needs a westy to clear the sand off the reef. The best, most consistent wave so far has been Sunset. Unfortunately it’s not your ideal bodyboarding wave, but I found out that the left off the main peak can offer a boosty ramp sometimes, dumping you off in waist deep water. The forecast for the next few weeks is claiming that the surf is not going to go below the 10 foot range. The waves aren’t the only thing that have been up. The nasty factor is at an all time high with everything from out-of-towners to your local pro hos/sticker sluts! Right in front of my house there seems to be a major nasty hangout zone. Butt floss, boobs, I see it all everyday from my porch. The pictures will be coming soon once I can score a quality digital camera! Stay tuned to the continuing saga of the North Shore where I will try to keep the updates coming weekly! Mahalo, Murdock.