Glock on the Rock

James Murdock: sunset inside bowl is firing looks like backdoor
Camel: wow
Camel: you score some pipe the last couple days?
James Murdock: Na been surfing some underground spots the swell shifted real north no bueno for pipe Been getting barreled though
Camel: sick
Camel: miller was telling me about your water blaster
Camel: said it’ll rip your face off
James Murdock: Way heavy man 4500 psi of water thats near boiling temperature POWER
Camel: washing the scum off the streets
Camel: that’s epic
James Murdock: ya I do 23 foodlands on the island 12 hour nights so heavy with all the ice heads in town and on the west side
James Murdock: Just stoke to have a job over here kinda hard to come by
Camel: ya man that’s sick
Camel: you ever blast the iceheads
James Murdock: Fuck if I need to I will I got a phat knife that I role with as funny as it sounds you need that shit. Its like San Fran in those certain areas after a certain time white people just dont belong
Camel: hahaha man that’s so heavy
James Murdock: Im going to go hit the water Ill be keeping in touch see whats up about a password or whatever for the rookies sight got so much time on my hands want to update soo bad Thanks Brew
Camel: sounds good man
Camel: get some waves


hawaii.jpgAs evidenced by the above AIM conversation with Camel, Murdock is as vile as ever and has been posted on the North Shore now for a solid four weeks. He’ll be posting news under the lovely alias ‘cumdump’ and he’ll also be keeping a running blog of all the latest North Shore happenings here (sorry for the delay Murder). Willie Richerson and Ross McBride have landed on Oahu as well and will be feasting on the series of large NW swells that have already begun to erupt.

The past month or so has witnessed a series of decent surf in Cali and our email reservoirs were filled with a steady stream of goodies. Here’s a small sample:

SF Love: Wilbur 1 2, Empty 1 2
Central: Louie, Murdock 1 2 3, Koa, Jonesyness
5-South Wedge Edit
PezPix Wedge Galleries 1 2
ZenFilms BIA Seaside Edit
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Stay tuned we’ve got pics from the recent premiere of The Dawn along with a mini-review, a North Shore preview, pics from Kellen and Cale’s most recent Mexico adventure, and more updates from James in Hawaii.

Link of the Week: Wilbur got on his horse and overhauled the Chula Vista Media site. Juan’s got a few interesting reads up on the new site already.