California Dreamin’

murderontherock1.gifFirst off if you haven’t already perused The Dawn review/songlist/premiere page, check it out right here now. Thanks to the Illmatic Asthmatic for the words. This event was a perfect post-Thanksgiving recovery, with old schoolers and new schoolers all convening over a few ice cold Steinies and a very entertaining boogie film. Buy it here now and be sure to check out our boy Cale Moore’s Central destruction. Please use caution when watching the Dark Side of Thugh Moon version.

Also, we’ve got another update in the Murdock North Shore running diary. Between Jeremy Wright and Willie Richerson sightings, the kid has had his hands full. He’s now riding for Toobs Bodyboards and has already been hard at work for his new sponsor.

We also got dropped a line from ex-805er and Toys frontman Will George who has been getting all Hollywood on us and heavily anticipating his North Shore return:

Life is good lots of stuff going down. I’m living in Hollywood, working in Development and Production at New Line Cinema. Really enjoying it. I too will be heading back over to HI in February. Looking forward to getting back to my Insanities peak! I have not surfed in way too long, like 6 months. Been all work. Hard for me to get in the water in Cali, especially in the winter.

The most documented swell of all time? Buying a new digi and boasting to buddies on various galleries and forums with cubicle candy has never been so easy. This last bombing west swell came at a perfect time to test bandwidth limits across the board. Here’s just a few of the many links out there from Big Wednesday:

Emo Moment
Wonka Embracing the Inner Mini Shaka

Refried Beans
Pezpix Gone Caliwide
Chris Allen Photos
Van’s Lips Getting Barreled
Blackies Attackies
The Cove
The Overhead
South Bay
Orange County Love
Central Cumdumpsters
Shacka Barbara

A couple more links that deserve mention…
Ben Player is crowned world champ at Confital. The guy is on a mission. Look for his interview coming up in the new A-Frame Magazine.
– Jordan Stallard is a big goofy Grizzly Adams type who happens to edit bodyboarding videos. Check his early season Hawaii edit.
– Movement is on top of the media game. Issue 21 Teaser.
Lore meet Format. Format meet Lore.

Link of the Week: So many new Aussie vids these days its hard to keep up. This site caught our eye though.