Triple Whammy

Yes that’s right, we’re locked and loaded with 3 new features this week. First off we’ve got a pair of travel recaps from Adam Terpening and James Murdock. Terps got a little cultural on his Spanish adventure and sent us all the goods. The thin mustache and unibrow is already starting to fill in as he prepares for an autumn return. Murdo got paid a visit on Oahu by some dirty Pismo kids with a host of nicknames too lengthy to mention here. Their story with accompanying framegrabs from Ryan Hoover is linked here.

Speaking of Hawaii, the best waves of the season went down last week as chronicled by Mr. McFly. Hopefully this is a sign for a promising late season as the Pipeline Pro has now gone official for February 17th-24th with entry forms now available from the IBA site. Rookies will be on hand for the duration of the event with daily updates of all the latest dirt so stay tuned right here for all the contest hoopla.

Can’t get enough Only Child? Our final feature is another guest edition of etcetera with some of Adam’s behind-the-lens pursuits. He’s been filling our inbox with a steady stream of photos since his move up to the Bay Area and, at only 19 years of age, the kids got some serious talent. Upon arrival back into the States from Euroland he was greeted with some goodies as well. Camel unleashed a mini NorCal vault of his own recently in the gallery with photos of the recent swell here, here, here, and here.

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