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You know when you put something off thinking it will go away when all it does is keep piling up? Well this is that post. We’ve got a 5 course platter of links that are ripping at the seams below:

OK you’re 45, you’ve got a wife and kids, countless world titles, your own message board thread, and your own board company. What do you do? You go out and win one more title. Yup, Stewart’s still the man as documented here on VBS as well.

A couple new boogie mags have surfaced with plenty of Central Coast goods. Crysis Magazine threw down an All-Mormon Issue with Burkard and Roldan joining forces to tackle the cover. Props to Red Dog on his first cover! Also, Bodyboarder Magazine put together an in-depth article on the 805 that we helped pen with Goleta’s Josh Shelly. Pismo is well represented with pics and quotes from all the usual suspects and then some. Murdock, Roldan, Moore, the Statoms, Delmore, Keene, Chaney, and Richerson all have images in the issue. Thanks to Burky for unlocking his vault for this article. Also included in the issue is a Ben Player article, Oregon and Morocco write-ups, a Central Coast pillaging from the Huhoy Boys, and some quality pics from a recent swell in Maui.

Eric Schnitzler hails from the Big Island and enviously cycles his time between Tahiti, Hawaii, and Cali these days. After four years of nonstop travel and filming in Indo, the Canaries, Mexio, the Phillipines, Australia, Tahiti, and Hawaii, he recently produced The Drift. We liked this vid and so should you. You can pick a copy here.

And yet more links…
– 15 year old Pismo dirtball Ryan “Sweet Tooth” Hoover put together an experimental edit and a North Shore edit for all to see
SpongeWars trying to step out from Spongercity’s shadow.
Jacob Romero owns $#*t.
DHubb victorious in Puerto Rico
RIP Davis Miller, RIP Dane Williams
Pipeline Pro Press Release
Offshore Allen Candy
Pezpix’s North Shore coverage got some added treats
The Zamora Classic benefits a good cause
ben player dot com

Link of the Week: 13 riders. 1 week travel. 3 video cameramen. Now you judge the results. No commentary needed, this is one of the freshest ideas to hit Cali bodyboarding in a while. Big props to Jacob and company for all their hard work put in. Looking forward to more trips in the future.