what about BOB???

Checking in from the North Shore with a mini-update. Here’s a little tidbit of Murdock from the last swell. More pics from this day to come. So far to report Pierre and Ben have been dominating, Bob has been breaking competitor’s hearts, and Steinlager has been her usual self. Allen Photos has an etcetera on the way for us, until then check his Hawaii Gallery. Here are a few sightings from yesterday’s check-in with big names popping up all over the place: Murdock busts on Grommie’s face, Bob picking his wedgie at the sign in trailor, RRRRROOOOBBBBIIINNNSSSOOOONNNN, Hubb/Stewy/Showell, The Hardlyfe, BOB’s daughter, surprised?, BUTT 2 BUTT 2 BUTT, Grimace and Amaury in love, the other BOB, Damien thinks BOB’s a liar. For more North Shore gossip, check out WonTon’s comical running diary on A-Frame News.

Link of the Week: Get your popcorn ready this week.