March Madness

I meeeeaaaaannn faaawwwwwkkkk it’s been like a month since your last post bro. When Jackson is calling you out you know it’s time to update. We’ve been busy upgrading our video department so keep tuning in for some future media with a Hawaii edit and Chris Allen etcetera feature simmering on the backburner. Speaking of media look for our latest ad and Ben Player edit in the new issue of A-Frame as well.

Last weekend Toobs’ 20th anniversary went down at their factory in Morro Bay. There were kegs, free food, a tribute movie, two live bands and a whole buncha creepy spongers on hand. Check our latest etcetera feature for pics of some of the shenanigans that took place. Congrats to Buzz and the rest of the Toobs crew. Can’t wait until the 30th party!

And now a spring cleaning of links:

5-South sent us some framegrabs from their new flick due out in May/June: Reuugh Grimace daBoss Hardballs McMullin the Badger Danek Hubb PLC Romero/Tamega

Pez is at it again with a plethora of recent HI/CA eye candy

– Stallard posted some more vids from the Pipe comp: Day 1, Day 2 Mens, Day 2 Womens

Some photos from the Zamora classic contest/fundrasier

Movement 22 Trailor

The Bodyboarding Expedition #2 (Ventura Spring Challenge) starts on March 27th

Riptide peer poll results

Link of the Week: You knew it was coming: We’ve got interviews with world champ Ben Player, east coast schredder Chris Schlegel, underground Santa Cruz ripper Sammy Garcia, and a profile of the photographer formerly known as Lil’ Todd Glaser. Meanwhile on the travel side of things, we’ve got an epic trip to Central America, a big honkin’ Mexico fiesta, and a voyage to the bottom of the South Pacific. But once again, the main attraction are the 3 epic galleries filled with 200 pages of photographic love. Be there now.