purple and fold?

What in the world have we been doing with ourselves? Well since our last transmission quite a bit, actually. First off Camel replaced Lamb in Frogland and wrote us recently:

yo fellas im about to get on a plane for ireland, im gonna stay in dublin for a couple days then head to bundoran and try to surf up there wed/thu/fri. it looks pretty big but maybe weird winds. scored one really good day at hossegor and two ok days; great trip so far.

Look for some pics from he and Darren’s respective trips to come. Rumor has it that double D also gave birth to a 10 lb 5 oz blog while in France in between ukelele and wine benders with Theo. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Back home on a post-PFC greasy handlebar biking binge Adam T got blindsided by some valley folk and is now out with a broken collarbone. He’ll be mending himself for the next month or so and then will be slaving for coin to begin his autumn slash and burn trip through Spain. Most certainly he’ll slap this man around if he sees him.

Speaking of injuries Kellen Keene tore his ACL on the bball court and is now hobbling around while making a new Complete Media website and some tees as well. We’ll link up anything that comes our way from that endeavor. The other half of Complete Media, Zach Nicholas, acquired a new gig up in SLO at skatewarehouse.com and its other affiliates, editing videos and feeling liberated after somewhere between 6 months and 3 years of hazy exile in THE DEN. Let’s not let him forget that final culminating event that left him pants down in the driveway with a third-tier PFC employee!

Roldolph was sited as well and was as red-nosed as any old reindeer. He’ll be riding conveniently on the coattails of his newly graduated girlfriend to Santa Cruz in August. Roldan’s skills + dk setups galore = photos to come. I really had figured him to be a PFC lifer. Louie’s been back in the mix too but is remaining relatively mellow in his new living quarters directly above Hoagie’s. Wilbur has been attempting to work on multiple projects while laboring within sniffing distance of R&D’s with wedding bells lingering. Last week he unveiled some special edition Friday the 13th Lore tees with a little Dug Baker flava flav instilled.

Cale Moore was spotted near the Mountain of Gold doing backside snaps while readying himself for a long summer as a Morro Bay lifeguard and new neighbor to Ughustus Northcraft. It didn’t take long for Willie to jump out of his post-Central America stupor. He was spotted reacquainting himself with chica blanca, R&D’s, and catering with Briggidy over the weekend. And Ralphy’s still kind of Ralphy, deep sea fishing with pops and causing chaos with the SLO fassionistas.

Finally, Murdock recently checked in from the North Shore. Juggling multiple jobs, teenage girls and an ailing knee, he still found time to score a couple sessions locked in behind Kainoa at Ala Mo Bowls on this most recent string of souths.

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Link of the Week: It couldn’t have happened sooner. Ladies and gentlemen the Thomas Robinson blog.

(p.s. look for a double etcetera feature with some recent Pismo and Alternative Surf Expo photos on the heels of this post.)