minty spears

We teased you with the PLC evidence, now we’re giving you the whole enchilada. A few days after the Pipe comp in mid-February most spongers had already retired to their respective homes for the season and most hardboarders had started their own set of tours abroad. This meant good things for those who had to endure another week on the Rock as a seething low pressure system danced its way east across the mid-Pacific. With some weather issues the night previous, mother nature’s hangover was evident in the early morning hours. Things would quickly change for the better though. Tamega and JHubbard were the first to try and make sense of the arduous conditions with a slew of Aussie, Latin, and Euro boogies following on their heels. We captured what unfolded and threw together some choice framegrabs from the session for our most recent etcetera feature.

Pizzy’s Van Robinson recently acquired BGA’s camera and got a couple shots of Wedge last week here, here, and here. On the video end, Sweet Tooth Hoovah compiled a couple hard knock Central Coast edits here and here. Good stuff from the groms. We’ve also got a few tidbits from the more mellower daytime Pismo 4th festivities: Home of the Clam, Heath Headquarters, Lou’s View, Valley Diarrhea Trail, Branch Mill BBQ, Turd Blanket, Grub, Hamburger Homos, and Tricylce Homo. As far as other CC news, everyone is counting down to The Miller Wedding which airs in 3 weeks. There will be full blown coverage of this event and any previous bachelor shenanigans as well so stay tuned.

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Link of the Week: Gonorrhea never felt so good. John Idano, the mexi half of 5-south, has moved on and joined forces with Garret Allard to give us The Clap Theory. Check the trailor for their upcoming flick Soft Core, which will be premiering in Cali next month.