Summertime Sizzle

By James Murdock

First off, I must apologize for the lag factor on the updates; I plan on getting back on track soon! I had knee surgery a few months ago and haven’t really had much to update, besides the daily lurk missions. I haven’t worked or boogied in almost three months. I have been rehabbing my knee and laying low waiting for the day I can put a fin on and get weird again. This is actually the longest I’ve gone without bodyboarding in my life so I’m kind of tripping, but staying positive and looking forward to wintertime. I was supposed to head to mainland Mexico for a couple months but had to abort due to the knee injury.

The southern hemi swells have been pumping over here! Saw the South Shore the biggest I’ve ever seen it, solid 6 foot plus. I made an appearance at the Sandy’s Beach Pro a few weeks ago. It was sick to watch the contest and see some of Hawaii’s best talent from all the islands. Hubb dominated hard but that’s a given, especially at Half Point – he gets really weird out there!!! Surprisingly the North Shore has even seen a couple head high summer swells. I was tripping watching 3-4 foot Sunset in the dead of July. The North Shore never ceases to amaze me with the abundance of swell. I’ve said this before but if you want to be able to bodyboard everyday of the year than Hawaii is one of the only places you can do it. Besides about 60-90 days it would be possible to surf year round on the North Shore alone! If there are any Cali kids who are ready to step it up and make a name for themselves then this is the place! The crowd is annoying at standout spots but if you’re willing to take some scuds on the head the waves are abundant. I know the right at Backyards will never get crowded when its solid six feet and I know Gas Chambers/Rocky Rights will never get crowded when its pushing 6-8 feet!

I’ve heard a lot of people claiming the El Nino deal for this winter. I’m a skeptic, but we are due for one and the satellite pictures of the warm water are looking legit. I’m sure everyone remembers the 98-99 El Nino action in Cali. Fuck there was tons of swell and tons of rain! I know one spot that will go richter if that’s the case and if you’re from the 805, especially the southern borders, then you know where I’m talking about. I also remember seeing good old “piss hole” Pismo Beach goin’ ricta and that’s something you don’t see too often. It was good for weeks, actually maybe even months. Oh yes my fondest moment of all was when Arroyo Grande High School was closed for a few days due too flooding! The waves where bombing too and no school! If I ever had a serious thought that there was a god it was on that day!

That’s about all I can ramble about for the time being. I promise all the super techy guru bodyboarders who live for new updates and media that I will be on them more than in the past! I should be back in the water in a little over a month so hopefully I can get some fresh shots for all your viewing eyes. Oh ya, one last thing, kind of stupid but if anyone saw my 25 question thing in the new Bodyboarder my nickname was supposed to say “Murder” but they put “Murph’ instead. I could careless about nicknames anyways but that’s what me and everyone else call Michael Murphy! Super stoked on the mag and everyone involved with helping it stay alive but just had to mention the nickname typo! Roger, Cheers, Aloha and a big phat mahalos to everyone who is reading this or spending money and time to help boost the struggling American bodyboard industry!!!!! Got some random pics below to keep the froth alive!