North Shore update 2/25/11

That’s right folks another update!!! Well not too much has developed since the last update. Surfed super fun Rockies today and shot photos of the boys going DK! Chaney and Dawson were getting down, even Zimbra was dropping the knee. I will throw the DK pics up soon but in the meantime here are some pics Chaney took of me and Zimbra the other evening at Rockies! Enjoy!!! I should be posting some video footage soon!!!

Flipping out! photo: Chaney!!

Zimbra boosting!!!! photo: Chaney

Zimbra boosting #2! photo: Chaney!!!!

Just love this one Pipe!! photo: Statom

Zimbra drawn back at home!!! photo: Chaney!!

Cheap little air. photo: Riedel

I'll be watching you!! photo: Riedel!

Guru picture!!!! photo: Anna Riedel!!