Killmore Kronicles

You gotta love Cale Moore for his simplicity and his ability to absolutely shred on the knee. Hadn’t heard a peep from him and then boom, he delivers the following goods to our inbox:

What’s up, Thought I would send you some shots I got over the past couple weeks. A good friend of mine recently bought a 500mm and is stoked on shooting, hopefully i can start getting some more consistent shots for the Rookies site or other. I finished Crabbing for the season so I should be around the Central Coast through the summer, hit me up if you come into town for a surf. Hope all is well. All Photos: Seth Croxton.

I’ve been talking to Willie about making it down to one of the DK Wars contests, just has to be the right weekend to work out. A full time position for Morro Bay Harbor Patrol is going to open up in May, so my summer travel plans depend on if I get the job or not. I could definitely go for a quick Pascuales trip. My boat will also be running this summer so I can expand my south swell options, and explore some new spots below Pt. Sal.