The Thirtysomethings

If 35 was the new 25 and dropknee was the new prone then you might get away with saying that these guys are cool. But sliding around on your knees on a piece of foam with 50k too many salty miles on their rigs, three too many service industry jobs on their resumes, 2-7 too many crazed ex-girlfriends in their backlog, and more concern about their prostate than their social networking status? Far from cool. Unless, that is, you can fly like Willie, flick tail like Roldy, or just plain move water like Hellmore. Then you’re pretty fucking cool.

I spent a week at home with them around Christmas. Most days were shit on toppa shit as Red Dog often bemoans. But a couple brief windows stayed open just long enough to film these dirtballs doin’ there jackstance thing amidst the chilly Central Coast waters. Here are the results – forged with Wu Tang beats and stamped with Rookies approval. It’s the first installation of our 4 for 4 podcast series marking this site’s 4 year anniversary.