Around the Horn

We’ve left you hanging since the holidays. Lets give you a recap of what’s gone down since then starting with a freshly strange edit from Cheinous followed by some links:
Hellmore reproduced
Wonka grew his hair out and learned yoga
James Patrick Murdock got Pipe and got a haircut
Chaney edited
Cale rode a boat
Camel surfed OB
BGA made boxes
GoPro saved competitive bodyboarding
Louie broke his earhole and took Brett pictures
RIP Chuy!
Andre made a comeback
Barnes made a comeback
Tanner became the future
Boxy Does Dallas
Sacha does Waimea
Ewan got barrelled
Some other pros got barrelled
Houston did PEDs
Stone did HGH

This is just to hold you over as 2 new vids of our own are dropping in the next 2 weeks too we swear to it…